A secluded oasis of brilliance!

This wonderful seven-acre garden set in rural Suffolk is testament to one plantsman’s dream of bringing joy and inspiration to its visitors

Annie’s top four gardening tips

  1. On dry soil it’s important to give plants the best possible start in life and preparation is essential. Soak the root-ball well before planting and incorporate plenty of compost into the soil, then water that, too. Then, after planting, give it a good drink and mulch.

  2. We plant in autumn whenever possible as it gives things a chance to settle in and get away. This means that they will be far more resilient if we get a hot, dry spring or summer the following year. 

  3. Remember that the Chelsea Chop – cutting plants back by as much as half in late May – is a really good way of increasing the number of flowers and stopping the plant from flopping. It works particularly well with sedums.

  4. Always take a good look at your plants and garden before you jump in and prune or start digging. There can be all sorts of things hiding in the undergrowth that you don’t see at first