Saturated with colour

Surrounding this Bedford town house are borders overflowing with a melee of cottage garden annuals and perennials, which are the handiwork of Reverend Chris Damp

Chris’s tips for informal planting

• Grow as many plants as you can from seed – I have hundreds of seedlings potted up in spring ready to squeeze into any gaps. I sell on my spares at garden openings or give them to friends.

• To create plant-packed borders, I squeeze plants together a bit closer than I should so that they all mingle tightly.

• Don’t worry about precision planting according to colour, height or form. Just pop them in and wait and see what happens. Nature has a way of creating a dazzling display however plants are placed.

• If something isn’t working, you can dig it out, cut it back or move it. My displays are a moveable feast and I swap things around at the end of the season. 

Four favourite ‘sunshine’ flowers
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