Check for pests and disease on plants

Keep an eye on plants to make sure they’re healthy

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Now that the season has got into full swing, all manner of creatures and pathogens are taking advantage of the warm weather and emerging or multiplying. Therefore it pays to keep a constant check on plants for outbreaks of diseases and pests. April is the month many pests are on the march, some laying eggs or coming out from overwintering, so there’s a long list of things you should be looking out for.

Gooseberry sawfly, allium leaf miner and leek moth will cause noticeable foliage discolouration and notches eaten out of leaves, while cabbage caterpillars and slugs and snails are on a mission to munch as many of our plants as possible too. Once many pests or diseases become established on a plant they can be difficult to eradicate. Plants you know are particularly susceptible should be routinely dealt with: prevention is better than cure!

The easiest method of control, particularly in the greenhouse, is to check the plants every day, especially on the undersides of leaves and at growing points, squash any pests that you find and remove diseased leaves.

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