Sow cucumbers

They’re so easy to grow and come in smaller varieties too


Cucumbers and its close relatives are so easy to germinate and grow to maturity, and are such rewarding plants, grown in the greenhouse, out on the plot or in the garden in pots. Homegrown cucumbers have an unbelievable taste and thick, robust skins, unlike their poor supermarket relatives. They’re attractive patio crops, too, and nowadays you can get smaller varieties to save you from large, gangly fruits taking over your seating area! ‘Baby’ from Dobies (, and ‘Mini Munch’ ( are small but perfectly formed snack-size cucumbers, and stops that troublesome glut of massive, long fruits you’re always having to give away in summer.

Decide where you want to grow your cucumbers – you need an ‘outdoor’ variety if you want to grow them all summer on the patio, whereas ‘indoor’ varieties are suitable for the greenhouse and may not thrive as well outside. You can also get some varieties that will do well in both situations, but needless to say, the warmth, light and humidity of the greenhouse wins hands down for productivity.

Simply sow two seed on their side per pot or module of seed compost or multi-purpose, cover with compost and water, leaving pots on the windowsill or in a warm greenhouse. Plant out in May, tying in plants to an obelisk or cane supports. Ensure you water well, keeping soil continually moist, and feed with a liquid fertiliser every 10 days or so.

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