Create the perfect seedbed

Use it for root crops in situ or as a place to start off plants

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If you’ve got a spare spot on the plot, put it to good use as a seedbed, an area of well-cultivated soil in which to raise young plants.

You can either use it simply as an extra bed in which to cultivate direct-sown seedlings that can stay growing in situ – such as plants that don’t like being moved, like root crops. Or you can use it as a temporary place to start off plants, and once they’ve grown on they can be transplanted to their final positions.

This ‘nursery bed’ saves space, as when crops are sown temporarily they don’t need as much room to grow and can be sown densely, then pricked out and transplanted elsewhere to grow on for successional harvests. This means you’re not taking up endless space with crops initially. 

Seedbeds can be in a greenhouse or outdoors – it’s always difficult at this time of year to try and find space to put extra plants to sow, so this is the best way of utilising spare space where you can. 

However you use your chosen seedbed, the key to success is good preparation now.