Prune ornamental trees

Simply cut out dead wood and thin branches


Ornamental trees, whether grown for their blossom, berries or coloured foliage are a great asset to the garden. They add height and structure to the garden, provide shelter and shade for other plants and many also attract wildlife by supplying nesting sites and food. Ornamental trees come in all shapes and sizes and there’s one to suit all garden styles and sizes, large or small.  

However, in time most trees will need a little pruning to keep them in shape and growing healthily. Often trees grow taller or wider than the label says, and in these situations a light prune is needed to keep them in check.

For deciduous trees the ideal time to prune is during the dormant season, from November until early March. One of the man advantages of pruning in winter is you can see the bare branches, which makes pruning much easier than when they’re in full leaf. Ideally, it’s best to prune trees every few years before they get too big and this way you can manage their size.

With most trees it’s simply a case or cutting out dead wood, thinning over-crowded branches, lifting the canopy to allow more light to the plant below and reducing the width and height slightly. Most important though, is to maintain a natural shape.