Sort the compost heap

Get your waste pile organised and it’ll pay dividends.

Sorting compost heap - step 2.jpg

All garden soils benefit from the addition of bulky organic matter and one of the easiest ways to do this is to make your own garden compost from garden waste. This can be used to mix in with the soil to improve drainage, water and nutrient retention and to increase worms and micro-organism activity to create a healthy, fertile soil.  We’re now getting to that time of the year when we start to generate lots of garden waste in the garden and most of this can be used to make garden compost. Before you start to accumulate large quantities of old summer veg and bedding plants, autumn leaves and grass cuttings, it’s worth sorting out your composting area first to make sure you are ready for the autumn waste.

Making good compost is all about having a good balance of wet and dry waste and enough of it to heat up, which is essential for the green waste to start decomposing. Before we start adding the autumn waste, empty the summer waste out and sort through it. Any well-rotted compost in the base can be removed and used in the garden and the partly rotted mixed together and used to start the heap off again. If you have more than one bin, try to condense it and leave one empty for autumn.