Prune and tie in summer raspberries

Prune and tie-in summer raspberries.

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Varieties of summer fruiting raspberries such as ‘Malling Jewel’ and ‘Glen Ample’ that produce berries in July can now be given their annual prune and tidy up before autumn sets in. All summer varieties fruit on the previous season’s growth and after the crop has been picked, the long canes that have fruited should be pruned out completely as they won’t fruit again next year. The fresh, new canes that have been growing from ground level this summer are the ones that will bear delicious raspberries next summer and they need looking after by carefully tying them into the horizontal wires.

Pruning is very easy and it’s simply a case of cutting all the old canes that are usually brown in colour down to ground level. If you are not sure look for the old fruit stalks at the top of the canes. The new, greener canes don’t need any pruning at this stage as they are still growing. Where the raspberry plants have produced lots of new canes, you might need to thin them out to prevent over- crowding when they are tied to the support wires. Ideally, they should be spaced approximately 15cm (6in) apart or a little wider. Surplus and weak new canes can be removed by cutting them out at ground level.