Last chance to sow!

Start more crops now and you can harvest for the rest of the year.


It’s around now that you’ll start to think about wrapping up your plot’s growing season, turning your attention fully to harvesting. The work will slow down and you’ll notice a change of pace as you descend into late summer. However, it’s not over till it’s over! It’s last chance saloon for a number of crops that you can still sow now, with a view to harvesting them in a couple of months or so.

There are plenty of herbs that can still be sown now for use in a few weeks – basil and dill can be grown in pots for late summer and autumn use, and can then be brought inside when the weather turns. Chervil and parsley on the other hand, sown now, will be excellent herbs to pop by the back door outside to harvest through winter.

Mizuna, mustard and rocket will be good additions to salads, sown every couple of weeks or so, through the rest of summer, autumn and beyond. Elsewhere on the plot, this is another reminder to get your Christmas potatoes planted now, for harvesting in late autumn and through December.