Help summer garden wildlife

They're feeling the heat as well so leave food and water out for them.

2) Fill up bird feeders - GN128158.jpg

It’s been a lovely summer for weather, but if we feel uncomfortable and thirsty in the warm weather it’s likely our friendly garden wildlife are feeling the effects just as we do. Water supplies are depleted and confusing temperature fluctuations are challenging. And all the while many are trying to raise their young with lack of food and water – it’s sometimes down to us to give a helping hand.

Natural water sources are drying up, and it’s easy to overlook bird baths and ponds that have evaporated in the sunshine – keep them filled and you may get yourself a lovely display of birds washing, drinking and preening!

Many hedgehogs forage under hedges in moist leaf matter where slugs and other invertebrates usually hide, but the lack of rainfall means it’s all dry and snack-free – put out some meat-based dog or cat food (away from pets) for them. They also can’t reach bird baths, so always have a shallow dish of water at ground level topped up at all times.

Bees become exhausted in the heat or if their favourite plants are too few and far between, so pop a sugar and water solution – one part water to two parts sugar – onto a spoon or clean milk bottle lid and place around the garden to help them out.

We can never do enough for hungry bees and butterflies, so do your bit by adding at least one more plant that will feed them this summer, or add a new bee home to encourage a new generation.