Fill gaps in your borders

Now's the perfect time to take stock and add some zing!


It’s now that you can really see where the floral wow factor may be lacking in your garden. You’ve planted up most areas and let the plants do their thing – but once they’ve filled out are there any glaring gaps present? It’s good to not overdo it to start with in spring, buying fewer plants and letting them reach their summer potential first. Then you can leave room for some real crackers at a later date to add zing. That way all your plants will get enough room to thrive, without being squashed in. This will save you money too, so you’re not buying unnecessary plants, or cramming in something that will then die on you. Difficult to do, of course, when the shops are filled with beautiful plants!  

Your best bet for adding to the melee of blooms in your border is to get to your favourite garden centre or nursery, and for the most impact, find some plants that are blooming now. You may even find some bargains as the centres are trying to make room for newer stock. Go for hostas or dead nettles for shade, or geraniums, grasses, anything from the daisy family, achillea, penstemons or hollyhocks are all good doers in the sun, and will give much-needed colour and impact.