Care for greenhouse favourites

Keep on top of watering to help your plants stay happy.

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It’s important to keep on top of greenhouse plant care in summer, and particularly this year, with temperatures soaring for weeks on end with no rain and hot sun. Wonderful weather for many, but quite stressful for lots of unprepared plants! If it’s really hot outside, it’s likely to be a lot warmer in the greenhouse.

Scorch can be a problem – even if some of your plants like some heat and warmth, too much can harm them. Greenhouse shading keeps a lot of the hottest sun off, and you can also water early or late in the day to avoid scorching leaves. Keep vents and windows open to up the air flow and reduce scorch too.

Humidity helps plants cope with hot temperatures, keeping moisture handy to reduce stress – the trick of many plants originally hailing from tropical climes. Therefore we can help them along with this, by using a few tricks ourselves. Damping down surfaces, having trays of evaporating water placed around, and misting plants. All this increased humidity, however, can be a problem with pests such as aphids and mealybug, so be vigilant in checking for damage.