Be smart watering in the heat

Make sure this precious resource isn't wasted.

Summer watering - step 2.jpg

In prolonged periods of warm, dry weather some plants can suffer and will wilt or even die. To keep any vulnerable plants alive and ticking over it’s important to water them when the soil starts to dry out or as soon as the leaves start to show signs of stress.

When watering in the garden it’s very easy to use vast amounts of water, which not only costs a fortune if you’re on a meter, it’s also a waste of this very precious resource. Watering wisely and targeting only the plants that need water is the best approach.

Although a sprinkler might seem the easiest way to water areas of the garden, a great deal of the water you apply evaporates before the plants have a chance to use it and much of the water never gets to the roots where it’s needed. Simply spraying over flower beds at night with a hose sprinkler also wets the foliage and creates the ideal, cool damp conditions that slugs and snails love.

The most effective way to keep your plants growing and healthy is to direct the water to where it’s needed, down to the soil and roots. The best time to do this is early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperature is cooler.