Plant herbs for summer barbecues

Good to look at and eat, freshly picked herbs are a treat!


The long, balmy summer days are not far away now and for many people that means the garden becomes an extension to the kitchen! Barbecues up and down the country are lit and families enjoy meals outside in the warm evenings.

And what better to add to your feast than herbs grown in your own garden, either to flavour meat or to add to salads? They’re easy to grow and can be started now in time to add extra taste to your summer.

Herbs have been grown in this country for hundreds of years, for medicinal as well as edible value. Either in the ground or in pots, as annuals (see page **) or perennials, there is a huge variety from which to choose – go with the ones you like and perhaps add in something new to try!

It’s a good idea to grow successionally so you have a long supply through summer and into autumn, and to grow near the house to make them easier to harvest. Herbs generally like a sunny spot, but young seedlings are as tasty to slugs, snails and birds as they are to us, so give them plenty of protection!