Plant the ultimate spring pot!

There are plenty of plants to choose from right now.


It’s always great fun at this time of year to see what’s on offer in the garden centres, and pick out some super spring blooms to show off. There are plenty of potted bulbs, but have a look round to see what else you can bring together beautifully, for an unusual but spring-like creation. Alpine and rockery plants are usually making their first appearance in garden centres for the year, so consider some of these in your plantings.

For a temporary display, use multipurpose compost, and feel free to add a few evergreen plants such as ferns or shrubs such as small hebes, leucothoe or skimmia – once you dismantle the contents of the pot these can be planted out in the garden. Often the effect with these temporary plantings is glorified flower arranging, until you transfer some of the plants elsewhere.

If your pot is larger and intended to be more permanent use a soil-based compost such as John Innes no.2. A wonderful way of making your pot more naturalistic looking, as if it’s just stepped out of an established garden scene, is to top it with moss – florist’s moss, lawn moss or packeted sphagnum moss that you can buy. This also serves as a nice weed suppressant and moisture retainer if need be.