Pot strawberries in containers

Get growing now and you can start picking in June!

Strawberries -step 4.JPG

There’s nothing nicer than a strawberry picked fresh from the garden in early summer. Their flavour is wonderful, especially when the fruits have been allowed to fully ripen on the plants in the warm sun. Strawberries are very easy to grow and can be grown in several ways. Traditionally, they’re grown in the garden, but they also grow very well in any type of container such as a hanging basket, pots or troughs. One of the main advantages of growing in containers is you can grow them undercover in a greenhouse or conservatory to get an early crop and being in pots makes them easier to protect from birds and slugs, both of which love the ripe fruits! They will also grow very well outside on a patio or in a sunny spot.

For fruits this summer there is still time to plant in containers and you’ll find bare-root runners for sale from mail order companies or potted plants in garden centres. Once you have the plants all you need is some containers to grow them in and a bag of good quality multipurpose compost as the strawberry plants are going to be in the pots for two or maybe three years. If you pot now, by June you’ll be picking your first strawberries of the season!