Give your mower an MOT

A little easy maintenance now keeps it tiptop for spring.

Clean and store mower - main pic.jpg

This year, as a result of the mild autumn, lawns continued to grow and needed cutting regularly. This keeps the lawn looking good and regular light trimming helps it to thicken out from the base to provide a good covering of healthy grass. Once you’ve given your lawn its final trim of the year to tidy it up and to collect the last of the autumn leaves, the mower can finally be put away until it’s needed again in early spring when growth starts again.

To prolong the life of your mower and keep it in good condition, make sure you clean the mower down before storing it away. Wet grass is corrosive and if left on the mower over winter it will turn mouldy and the metal parts of the mower will rust very quickly. Removing all the old grass and drying the mower down will help prevent rust forming. If the mower runs on petrol, don’t leave fuel in the tank over winter. Ideally, run the mower until the tank is dry, or drain it off. With electric mowers, check the cable and wind it in neatly. Spending just a little time cleaning down your mower before it’s stored away means that when you get it out next spring it should start and run without too many problems.