Perk up patios and doorsteps

Inject some colour to brighten up winter.


If your garden looks drab and dull now, it can be easy to forget about it and feel very unexcited about everything in it. To up the interest, make you want to continue pottering about out there and plan for a bright garden future, cram in the colour in pots as much as you can. Visitors to your door will be impressed, and the view outside the window as you’re washing up on Christmas day will be a real treat!

Get in the garden centre now, where you’ll find an array of bargains as they pack up old stock for Christmas, plus some tried and tested ‘bare bones’ plants as border fillers. Find some evergreens like grasses, box bushes, phormiums and ferns, alongside plenty of the best bedding to see you through winter.

You can even buy some bargain basement bulbs and get those going too – it’s not too late to plant up many of them, especially those you’ll be planting in their own pots. You may be a month or two late and the open ground may be too hard but you’ll likely see a usual timely spring showing from most planted in containers.