Plant evergreen shrubs for colour

Bring brightness to the winter plot with some lively planting.

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The beauty of planting now is that plants get well established and mature well before next year, with all the moisture and good quality, improved soil needed for good growth. And to inject a bit of life in the garden now, your shrubs needn’t be all one colour green, or without any leaves until next year – bring in some brightly coloured evergreens (or ‘ever-pinks’, ‘ever-yellows’ or ever-reds!) into the fold now and your garden will sparkle in the cold season.

Simply dig a wide, square hole and fork over the bottom a little for good drainage. Sprinkle a little Rootgrow for good root system establishment and set the plant in, watering it well. It’s common to think we have good rain in autumn, but it’s often surprising how long it can be between rain showers. Ensure these shrubs get good water – those planted in pots of course need more water than those in the ground. It can be common for potted evergreens to get just as drought-ridden as in summer due to sparse rainfall; be vigilant and top them up. Use John Innes compost no.3 to house container evergreens.