Give a tree a head start

Come spring it will grow faster thanks to new roots.

Tree planting - main pic.jpg

Although trees can be planted at various times of the year, November is the ideal time for both container-grown and bare-root trees. The reason is because in autumn the soil is moist and warm, despite the air temperatures being cool. Although trees are going into their winter dormancy, roots will continue to grow, meaning a tree planted now will start to make new roots over the winter. One of the main advantages of autumn planting is that in spring the tree will grow away faster because its roots are already growing. Autumn planted trees are also more drought tolerant in their first season because they have a head start.  

When planting any tree, ground preparation is important. This means cultivating the area thoroughly to break up hard layers and lumps. When it comes to the shape of the hole there are various thoughts, with some preferring a round hole and others a square hole. In good, well drained sandy or loamy soil a round hole is fine, but in heavy clay soil square holes have proven to work better, especially if the sides of the hole are roughed up with a fork to allow better root penetration. What is important is the hole should be at least twice the width of the root ball and plenty deep enough.