Pick and store apples

If done correctly you’ll have tasty supplies until next spring!

Harvest and store apples - step 4.jpg

We are now well and truly in the apple picking season. Fruits that are harvested from mid-October through until the end of the month are the best keepers and depending on the variety, if stored in the correct conditions will keep until next spring. These include popular varieties such as ‘Annie Elizabeth’, ‘Blenheim Orange’, ‘Elstar’, ‘Gala’, ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’, ‘Howgate Wonder’ and of course the famous ‘Bramley’s Seedling’. 

The secret is to pick them when they are at their best and unblemished by bruises or bird damage. Test if the fruits are ready to pick by giving them a gentle twist. If they leave the tree without too much tugging they are ready. If not, leave for a few more days.  Always harvest on a dry, fine day and handle the fruits gently. To store well, the fruits need to be kept as cool as possible, in a dark frost free-place.

Commercially they are stored in large crates or bins in a controlled environment, but at home a cold shed or garage can be used. If possible space the fruits out so they don’t touch to prevent any rots that develop from spreading. Apples also store very well in the fridge. Place several in a freezer bag, suck out the air and seal before placing them in the salad draw.