Plant some rhubarb

It’s the perfect time to get these tasty crops started on your plot.


You may have seen potted rhubarb plants in spring at the garden centre – it’s fine to plant them then, but good quality sturdy plants either in pots or bare root are also available now.

Potted rhubarb – like many other potted trees, shrubs or perennials – can be planted any time, but the worry of planting it in spring is the ensuing summery, hot weather. Rhubarb needs to be kept moist, so it’s a bit of a job to keep up its demands!

It’s now you have a clearer plot to give rhubarb – a permanent crop – the right space needed. It likes an open, sunny spot and will provide for you year after year, so plan carefully where you want it. Luckily it’s a very ornamental crop, so there’s no need to hide it away! Getting it going now also makes for good, sturdy plants in summer next year.

Rhubarb can also be planted in large pots of John Innes soil-based compost mixed with rotted manure, but keep a careful eye on watering – rhubarb in pots needs consistent moisture.

Once your rhubarb’s leaves have died down, remove them all and then give the plant a mulch of compost to set them in for the winter. Don’t harvest your new rhubarb plant next year, or at least don’t harvest much more than a couple of stems – leave it alone for one season before harvesting properly the following year, and mulch well in autumn and spring.