Plant an autumn container

Bring cheer to the months ahead with a bright pot.

Autumn container - step 3.jpg

Summer containers have about finished now and it’s time to empty them out and plant up new containers to keep the garden looking good over the coming months. There are lots of different types of plants that can be used in pots and containers and it’s well worth making a visit to your local garden centre or nursery to see the range on offer.

When buying plants, bear in mind that if you want them to stand outside all through the winter they need to be able to withstand cold, wet conditions. Evergreens, shrubs grown for stem colour, grasses and some perennial are perfect for this and by mixing them together you can easily create an interesting display. Garden centres often sell these plants in smaller pots that are ideal for using in containers.

If you aim to plant the main part of the container with hardy plants to create the structure, you can then use other plants as fillers to give seasonal colour such as dwarf, colourful capsicums that look great in autumn with their brightly coloured fruits. They can be replaced in winter with primulas, violas or winter heathers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with plants because what you want is an attractive container that have plenty of colour and impact to help cheer up the long winter ahead!