Give wildlife a helping hand

Help gardeners’ friends survive the cold with sheltered accommodation.

Wildlife habitats - step 3.jpg

Most gardeners are happy to encourage wildlife into their garden, especially when it’s beneficial! The sound of bird song, watching butterflies flit around from flower to flower and having a visit from the resident robin all add the pleasure of being out in the garden. Much of the wildlife that visits gardens is the gardeners’ friend and will help by eating weed seeds or the many pests that damage our plants, so where possible it’s good to encourage nature’s helpers into the garden.

Some wildlife will come on its own, but we gardeners can help by providing shelter and nesting sites that are used throughout the year, but especially in the winter and at breeding times. At the moment the garden provides plenty of natural shelter from trees, shrubs and perennials, but as winter approaches, birds, mammals and insects will be looking for somewhere that will help to protects them from the harsh winter weather. Now is a good time to introduce some wildlife habitat into the garden ready for winter and spring use. To help attract the wildlife, position the boxes near to other shelter and a food source such as in or below shrubby plants or near plants that have seeds and berries on.