Move your evergreen shrubs

Lift them now so they have a chance to re-establish.

Transplant evergreens - step 3.jpg

Evergreen shrubs come into their own in the winter by providing colourful foliage and structure to the garden when deciduous shrubs have lost their leaves and herbaceous plants have died down. If you need to move an evergreen the ideal time is in mid-autumn when the soil is moist and still fairly warm. This allows the roots time to re-establish in the soil before winter and because the air temperature is cooler and damper in October and November, the foliage won’t wilt and dry out.

When moving any shrub, especially if it’s been in the ground for a few years you need to take care when lifting to minimise root damage. The aim is to lift as large a root system as possible with the soil attached. The more the roots stay together in a root-ball, the better and faster it will re-establish in its new position. Ground preparation is important and ideally the hole should be prepared in advance. Improving the planting hole with organic matter such as garden compost or well-rotted manure will aid establishment and encourage new growth. After re-planting, to reduce moisture loss from the leaves, it helps to lightly prune the shrub and misting over with water occasionally will keep the foliage cool and hydrated until the roots start to grow into the soil.