Take on a challenge!

Some plants may be tough to grow but are worth it


Gardening is all about trial and error, growing old favourite plants, but also trying out new things, too. Do you like a challenge? Are you interested in unusual plants that are slightly more difficult to grow? Well, look no further than our mini selection below of four demanding plants that, if you look after them according to their list of needs, will be superb additions to the garden or home. And the satisfaction of helping hard-to-please plants thrive is all the more gratifying!

Pictured here are eremurus crowns being planted, which charmingly look like leggy starfish. They can be planted if the ground isn’t frozen, or you can wait until spring to do it. These tall plants, aptly  called foxtail lilies, like very dry conditions, no frost or wind,  no disturbance and not to be grown in pots. Each crown is best planted on a mound of grit or sand for drainage. Essentially they’re naturally at home in arid, semi-desert conditions in Asia, so warmth, sun and well-draining soil is a must; when you manage to grow these tough cookies it’s a real achievement and well worth the effort! Why not give yourself a challenge next year, keeping your gardening fresh and exciting?