Sow annuals for summer colour

Start them indoors now ready to plant out in spring


It’s worth planning your flower garden now with a range of hardy and half-hardy annuals, so you can take advantage of the full range of seed available to you and get a head start on growing. With a bit of indoor heat when sowing, you’ll have lots of young plants growing away well for you, ready and waiting come spring to be planted out. This method ensures earlier blooms than if sown direct later on, too. Just sow the amount of flowers you can fit in – you’ll need a lot of room to keep lots of sown flowers happy, which may prove unmanageable! Fast-growing annuals will get lanky and leggy too quickly, while longer-to-germinate annuals will fare better and take their time before being well-grown at just the right time for planting. Check seed packets for their germination details and heat requirements – an average of 15C (59F) is needed for good germination.