Care for your veg patch

Give it some TLC now to get it in tip-top condition

VEG PATCH JOBS - GN152727 - digging in organic matter STEP NO.2.JPG

The main growing season is coming to an end and you may have some spare ground with well-worked, well-used soil.  But that doesn’t mean it has to languish unused and untended.

In fact, now’s a great time to prepare and maintain the soil in your plot so that it continues to remain healthy over autumn and winter, before you fully start again in spring.

Leaving it will lead to any nutrients it has leaching out, eroding in wind and winter rain and becoming really weedy.  Adding nothing to it in terms of organic matter won’t help your future crops – over the next month or two it’s a good idea to replace what has been taken out of it over the spring and summer.

Leaving your soil bare is also detrimental to your plot.  Weeds will take hold and there will be nothing to stabilise it.  And what’s the use of a bare patch?  There are plenty of crops to sow and plant now for a fruitful plot, such as broccoli, radishes, salad and onions.