Dig up and move your perennials

Help underperforming plants thrive by relocating them

A Perennial.jpg

Perhaps you’ve noticed a few underperforming plants this year, or simply feel some of your prized plants have been put in the wrong place? It happens to the best of us: sometimes we think we’ve got it right but it later becomes apparent that some plants could do with a little shift about to help them thrive, or be shown off better. It could even simply be that a plant doesn’t fit with a particular colour scheme. Well now’s the time to take action.

Winter is the season to take stock, see what’s what and, with bare borders, easily work out how and where to move something. Many plants have died back and are dormant and receptive to being moved about.

Be sure what you’re moving though – this is where high season photo-taking is useful, and you can see from your snaps what plants are where in full leaf and bloom to help you locate them in winter.

The good news is that most herbaceous plants are easily moved, bearing little or no damage the following season as a result. You can even divide many of these plants up if necessary, to increase your stock or prevent them from getting too congested.