Plant up some winter scent

Put fragrant plants where you can smell them – near a doorway, a porch or outside a window

Winter Scent.jpg

One of the joys of the winter garden is wafts of wonderful fragrance from all corners. The colour in your garden may be slightly depleted, and the weather chilly, wet and windy, but one thing that often makes this season an utter delight is being able to plant a certain scented something that’ll make you stop in your tracks.

Blooms are powerfully scented at this time of year so they can advertise their presence to anything and everything to ensure the plant gets pollinated, seeing as plants get fewer visitors now.

It’s paramount to consider exactly where your shrub or tree will thrive, but many you will find in garden centres at the moment are strong and reliable, and happy in most aspects. Daphne bholua will grow very large if left untrimmed, so only plant this if you have a good amount of room. Many, such as edgeworthia and chimonanthus, love a sunny, sheltered wall. Mahonias, however, prefer shade – a handy plant for those tucked away, less sunny spots.

Try to put your scented plants where you can smell them! Near a well-used doorway, a front porch or outside a window – you’ll forever be stopping and marvelling at their fragrance.