Plant new rhubarb

And why not try a miniature variety, too?

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Rhubarb plants are such undemanding perennials, they should have a place in every garden. And what a delicious fruit they are – or should I say sweet-tasting vegetable!

In warm and moist soil, rhubarb crowns can be planted in autumn and spring in the spot you want to permanently keep them, with a helping of manure in sun or part shade. Plant so the tip of the crown is just visible above the surface of the soil. Rhubarb plants are great in large pots, too – and look like a really attractive, architectural plant in spring and summer when colourful leaves and stems grow tall. The three most commonly available varieties are the excellent traditional varierty ‘Victoria’, the early-maturing ‘Champagne’ and the even earlier ‘Timperley Early’, but why not try miniature 20cm (8in) tall variety ‘Lilibarber’ from, whose leaves and pencil-like stems can both be eaten? It’ll save you the usual rhubarb glut!

Existing plants, though, will need a little care to tuck them in after their growing season, and to keep them perennially healthy – they’re low maintenance but not no maintenance!