Plant some brand new shrubs

Garden centres are bursting with them now


It’s around this time of year when us gardeners want to up the structure and interest in our gardens. It’s natural to want to try and increase the colour spectrum just when everything’s slowly receding, and often flowers aren’t always available just now. So, shrubs come to the fore and bulk up our borders nicely. Pots of bedding are super, but for a more permanent solution, source some great foliage for bright beds now.

If you’re taking a trip to the garden centre, it’s more likely you’ll see potted shrubs which are container-grown and perfect to plant now or throughout the year. In a few weeks it’ll be strong bare-root plants for planting in late autumn and winter. Whichever it is, keep the root areas moist – soak bare-rooted shrubs for about half an hour before planting, and for containerised plants, give them a good soak in their pots before you pop them in. As a general rule, keep the top of the root area level with the top of the soil surface – make sure you find the top of the roots in potted plants first, as planting too deeply for many shrubs means lack of air and poor establishment. Firm in and water in well.